Re-opening Church

Read following information regarding ‘what to expect’

 “The thought of returning to church after nearly four months absence will affect everybody differently. My emotions are all over the place! I am excited to worship again as the Body of Christ in one place, I can’t wait to see everyone again, and yet I am also aware of the huge weight of responsibility placed on the shoulders of churchwardens and clergy to be ‘Covid-19 compliant’ and to make sure that church is as safe as it can be. This of course requires your cooperation”. 

We have produced this short ‘step by step’ guide to coming back to church will mean that you enter the church confident that the safety aspects have been taken care of, so that you can focus all your attention on worshipping God, who in his faithfulness, has brought us to this moment. 

Revd Caroline Dick, Team Rector

What to expect:

  • You may expect to queue outside church and, like everywhere else, at 2m spacing.  Please leave plenty of time to get into church for 9:15am.
  • Your name and contact details will be taken and kept for 21 days.
  • Everyone will be asked to enter the church through the Porch door. 
  • You will be asked to observe the 2m spacing that has been marked out at the church entrance and inside. 
  • Seating will be one person to a pew – we will try to ensure couples, or family groups can sit together.  This will be around 1.5m apart, less than the desirable 2m. Which is why we have introduced further measures including wearing of facemasks for your protection.
  • Hand sanitiser and a mask (or bring your own face covering) is provided in the porch, and you are invited to use them. 
  • Doors will be kept open to allow fresh air to circulate. 
  • Once inside you will be directed to a seat where a service sheet/booklet has been placed in the pews. 
  • ‘Can I sit where I normally sit?’ Probably not, because of the 2m spacing, so be ready to enjoy worshipping from a different point of view – quite literally! 
  • The service on 12th July will be Morning Worship with Revd Bill Jackson. If this goes smoothly the following week will be Holy Communion. 
  • Every service will be a ‘said’ service with music played on the organ. The service will last between 30 and 45 minutes. 
  • We will share The Peace in a non-physical way. 
  • At the end of the Service, please remain seated and you will be instructed when it is your turn to leave. We will operate a one-way system.  Please observe this and the 2m distancing as you leave through the Porch. 
  • The collection plate will not be passed round, and you will be asked to put your collection in the plate as you leave church. 
  • There is another opportunity to use hand sanitiser as you leave. 
  • There will be no refreshments.

Further advice issued by the Church of England suggests that over 70’s should remain at home, but if you do go out then take particular care to minimise contact with others. It is for this reason we have gone to the lengths we have to minimise contact. 

For those who are shielding at present, you are advised not to attend. For those persons who are showing symptoms or are self-isolating due to a possible contact, must not attend. 

For those who decide, that at present, you do not wish to return, Team Worship at Ten will continue online.

I hope what you have read has reassured you that we have done all we can to make your return as safe as possible. We look forward to welcoming you back in the name of Christ. ‘Do not be afraid’.

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