Church Open – update

Church Open – update

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The PCC of Witton Gilbert and Sacriston met on 6th September 2021 have taken the decision to relax the current Covid safety measures that are in place for Sunday Worship.

  • It has agreed that social distancing will be relaxed with the front pews in the Nave available for people who are comfortable with sitting with others. For those people who would still like to socially distance the rear pews in the Nave will be available for single or couple use. There will be no maximum limit on capacity.
  • Hand sanitiser will still be available, so to face masks. You are encouraged to use both.
  • Hymns will be sung during the service and face masks will be worn.
  • Refreshments will once again be served after the service on Sunday morning.
  • Communion will still be taken in one kind and will take place at the screen as before.

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