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100,000 deaths

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As we reach the terrible mile stone of 100,000 deaths from COVID-19, we are invited to pause and reflect on the enormity of this pandemic.

100,000 isn’t just an abstract figure. Each number is a person: someone we loved and someone who loved us. We also believe that each of these people was known to God and cherished by God. 

More than ever, this is a time when we need to love each other. Prayer is an expression of love. A number of resources will be made available at In the meantime, let us pray…

Gracious God,
as we remember before you the thousands who have died,
surround us and all who mourn with your strong compassion.
Be gentle with us in our grief,
protect us from despair,
and give us grace to persevere
and face the future with hope
in Jesus Christ our risen Lord.

Church closed

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Services suspended till mid February 2021. Following an emergency meeting of the PCC, it has been decided to close the church till 14th February 2021. A review will be undertaken on 1st February to consider whether the church can be re-opened. Dispensation is being sought from the Bishop by the Team Rector.

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